Rules and Procedures

Classroom Rules

1. We will follow directions.

2.We will respect others and ourselves.
3. We will be cooperative and not disruptive.
1. Verbal Warning
2. Move card to blue with a warning
3. Move card to yellow and miss 5 minutes of recess.
4. Move card to orange and miss all recess and possible call to parent.
5. Move card to red miss recess, contact parent, and possible office referral.
6. Office Referral and contact parent
Classroom Procedures
1.    Give me 5 :
·        No talking
·        Eyes on teacher
2.    Pencil Sharpening
·        Sharpen 2 in the morning
·        Sharpen only if teacher isn’t giving instruction
3.    Heading Papers(top left hand corner)
·        Name
·        Subject
·        Date
·        Classroom number
·        P. #
4.    Lunchroom
·        Use colored cups red: No Talking blue: Talk w/ 2” voice
·        Boys sit on the left side of table and girls on the right
5.    Hallway
·        Straight line
·        Walk to right of hallway
·        No Talking
6.    Turning in Papers
·        Turn in papers to the correct subject file
7.    Absentee-Makeup
·        “We Missed You” folder
·        Partner will be responsible for getting all your assignments
·        Two days for every day absent to make up
8.    Detentions
·        Will be served during recess
·        Severe behavior detentions will be served after school
9.    Homework
·        All homework must be turned in the following day, unless other directions are given.
·        Students must be in their seats by 7:40 am.
·        After 7:40 am, students must go to the office for a tardy slip.
11.Transition Time
·        Students are not to talk any time unless given permission by the teacher.
·        Changing from one activity to another does not give students permission to talk.
·        Students are not allowed on the computers with out permission.
·        Computers are learning tools, not toys. Please treat them with great care.
·        Students have two breaks, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. In case of emergencies, students are allowed out of the room one at a time.
·        Students will raise their hands to get out of their seats. Students do not walk up to the teacher and ask a question.
15.After-School Detentions
·        Students who receive an after-school detention must have a parent provide transportation.
·        Students may not walk home and there will be no bus provided.
16.Accelerated Reader
·        Students must read and take the test on at least 2 books a week.
·        If the student is reading a chapter book, provisions can be provided.