Classroom Survival Guide

Here is the text for the CLASSROOM SURVIVAL GUIDE - Your Guide to Success!  


Ms. Vaughan’s


Your guide to success!

Welcome to our classroom!

We are going to have afun and exciting year as we travel together on this learning adventure.  This guide will help us start the yearoff smoothly so we can focus on learning in a supportive environment whereeveryone is important.  Ready?  Here we go!


Behavioral Expectations

RESPECT – All members of this classroom communitywill treat others with respect at all times.  We will also respect our school and belongings.

We do this tocreate an environment in which all community members feel safe and supported,and so our school can be the best it can be.


RESPONSIBILITY – All members of this classroom community willbe held responsible for his or her own actions. 

 We do this becausestudies have shown that student responsibility is the key to all developmentand learning. (TheNational Teaching and Learning Forum) Also, the habits youform now will follow you into your adult life.  You will need a sense of personal responsibility to succeedin your career and as a member of society. 


HONESTY – All members of this classroom communitywill communicate in an honest manner with themselves and others.

Shakespeare wrote,“To thine own self be true.”  Inother words, “Keep it real!” 

You cannot beginto work on solutions until you have honestly assessed a situation.  Usually, the most difficult times to behonest are the most important times to be so. 

If you dosomething wrong, please admit it. I may not like your actions, but I will respect your character andintegrity.  Consequences arelessened when students have the courage to be honest. (And courage is beingafraid and doing it anyway!)


Failure to followany of these guidelines will result in a yellow card warning.  If you receive a yellow card, it isbecause you need to check your behavior and do something differently.  If you do not, you will then receive ared card and appropriate consequences.   



Procedures area part of life and are meant to keep things running smoothly.  We use procedures for going to thedoctor, boarding an airplane, and ordering in a restaurant.  Here are some of the procedures we willuse at school.


Knowing theSchedule – You will bekeep your schedule in your binder so that you can access it if needed.  It is up to you to learn your scheduleand a way to transition between classes easily.  It might be tough at first, but keep at it, because you’llhave it memorized before you know it! I will post our daily classroom agenda on the board for you.


Waiting toEnter the Classroom – Youwill line up outside the classroom in a respectful manner.  Your voices will be low so as not todisturb others.  You will stay toone side so others can walk post. And please be prepared for class.


Entering theClassroom  - Your focus will be on preparing forclass and getting to work.  Youwill go to your seat and prepare for class with minimum talking.  If there is bell work, you will getstarted on it right away.


Being Prepared – Please bring everything you need for theday to school.  If you forgetsomething, there will be a few items for purchase, such as pencils, paper,etc.  Self-sufficiency is a greatskill to have!


Moving OnceClass Has Started  - Please have a few sharpened pencilsso you do not have to disrupt the class once it has started.  Also, please use the rest room beforecoming to class so you do not miss important class time.  However, if you do need to leave your seatfor some reason, you can indicate this by using the appropriate color card thatshould be attached to your 3-ring binder at all times.  You can also use a card to let me knowyou need help with your assignment or don’t understand the instructions.


Getting theTeacher’s Attention  - Simply stay in your seat and raiseyour hand. I will give you my full attention as soon as I can.  Please do not call my name or otherwisedisrupt the class.  If you see I amunable to give you my attention at the moment, please continue workingindependently until I can get to you.


WhenI Want Your Attention– If the classroom is noisy, I don’t want to try and shout over you, so I willsimply turn the lights on, off, and back on.  This is my silent signal to ask you to give me yourattention.

Anotherway for me to get your attention is to say, “Give me five.”  That means you have five seconds to dothe following:

            1.  Eyes on speaker

            2.  Quiet

            3.  Be still

            4.  Hands free (put things down)

            5.  Listen


Discussions – Please participate inall classroom discussions.  I reallydo want to hear what you have to say! Just raise your hand to indicate you would like to participate.  Please make sure all questions andcomments are relevant to the conversation.  If you have something to say that is off topic, jot it downand get back to it later.


Heading – All papers that youturn in will have this heading in the upper left-hand corner:

First and last name


Subject and page number


 Turning inPapers - Please pass them sideways towards thedoor.  Either a designated student Iwill collect them.


Homework – You are responsible for understandingyour assignments and having all materials to do them before you leave theclassroom.  You will also writedown all homework in your assignment book.  You are responsible for completing the assignments to thebest of your ability and turning them in on time.  Doing so will earn rewards.  Not doing so will earn consequences. 


If You AreTardy – If you need toenter the room once class has begun, please knock once and then enter.  Silently place your pass in theappropriate place, take your seat, and prepare for class without disturbingothers.  Once we come to a goodstopping point, I will come over to talk to you if needed.


If You Are Absent – I will write down the work that you have missed.  It is up to you to collect the form andcomplete the work.  You willgenerally have 2 days to complete the work, but you may have to stay in during breaks tocatch up so that you don’t fall too far behind.


When an AdultEnters the Room or If Ineed to Leave the Room –Please stay in your seats and work independently until I can give you furtherdirections. 


Dismissal – To keep the room a safe environment, Iwill dismiss you by rows. Please push in your chairs, take all of yourbelongings, and leave your area clean.

We may also havejobs to accomplish before leaving. If so, please do what you need to do and make sure it meets teacherapproval before leaving.


Remember – I believe in your potential!  I want you to believe in it, too.  If we work together, we are going tohave an awesome year!


Recipe for Success 


ü     arrive to class on time

ü     be prepared with all needed materials

ü     have a positive attitude

ü     be a good listener during class

ü     participate in a respectful manner

ü     complete all assignments

ü     always do your personal best

Combineall ingredients.  Stir.  You will soon

havea successful student!