About Me

A little about me:  I have been teaching for 8 years now.  This is my 7th year in Dekalb County and my 4th Year at Peachtree Middle School. Go Patriots!   I have 3 kids.  My oldest is starting College this year and she will be attending Kansas State University.  Go Wildcats!  My other 2 kids are at Dunwoody High School in 10th and 11th Grade.  Go Wildcats!  

I live here in Dunwoody and love teaching in my community.  I also love Animals of all shapes and sizes!  I have 3 dogs but you will hear me talk about Tinkerbell and Peter the most! smiley I often go to the dog park at Brook Run so if you have ever been there, you have probably seen me.  I also love to play tennis and I play on several teams during the school year.  Finally, I am a big Georgia Bulldogs Fan!  UGA is my Alma Mater.  GO DAWGS! 


Other things about me:  I LOVE Chocolate:  white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate with peanuts, chocolate with fruit in it.... 

         I have a weird fascination with Benjamin Franklin and I think his life is FASCINATING.  

         I love traveling and have traveled to Europe, Asia, Central America, all over the US

         And most importantly.... I LOVE MATH!  I think it is fun to do!  I love puzzles and logic and trying figure life out mathematically.  Weird but true!

         My favorite sport is Hockey!!