Language Arts

Welcome to Language Arts! Mrs. Cameron and Miss Demaris could not be more proud of the Writer`s in our Third Grade Class!! =)

This year, our Writer`s are going to be exposed to many different activities that will encourage their creativity and increase their confidence when it comes time to take the Florida Write`s next year!

So far this year, our wonderful Writer`s are off to a great start!

Miss Demaris has already implemented a 4 day lesson on how to write a Friendly Letter! She is so proud of how far our writer`s have come in such a short period of time!

Below are some pictures of what kind of projects students complete during Language Arts:

"Students worked together to trace each other`s hands and then label the 5 components of a Friendly Letter" - Miss Demaris


This week 9/10, Students began working with Mrs. Cameron on how to build a paragraph! Mrs. Cameron has created a nifty flip chart that will help guide students when they are building their own burger... I mean PARAGRAPH! =)


Spelling Bees!