What are we doing in class??


We are completing our nonfiction projects this week.  We will continue working wth nonfiction text, but will begin working within ficitonal stories again as well, mostly as it relates to our new writing skills.  You may also notice several things coming home in our daily skills folders that involve figurative language.  This has been a fun unit and the students are working well to apply this new idea in lots of different areas of their learning.


The last few units that are planned out for the year are all about measurement and geometry.  We will spend a lot of time in these two areas while also reviewing money and time concepts that were introduced earlier.  Our goal is also to become more confident with big numbers and using our base tens strategies to add and subtract, which will be mostly practiced during stations time.


We've begun writing our own Tall Tales!  The kids have enjoyed the first few stories about Paul Bunyan and Pecos Bill, and now they're planning and preparing rough drafts of their own creative stories.  It will take a couple weeks to finish these and we will most likely revisit after Spring Break to edit and revise before writing our final copy.

Social Studies

We will begin a new Social Studies unit and will focus on states and capitals for a while.  Memorization will be a challenging skill we use for this unit, as well as some color coding and mapping strategies.


Please remember that Mondays include all of the enrichment pieces that are important to your child's growth and deveopment.  It is also a great outlet for many kids and offers them a chance to discover talents they often times do not know they have!