Things that count towards the required 20 minutes of reading each night. This will start in October

  • Practicing sounds (Estrellita alphabet sheet).  
  • Practicing syllables (green Escaleras de Fluidez book)
  • Listen to music (learning a song while looking at the lyrics)
  • Have someone else read to them (older sibling, public library, parent, relative, etc.)
  • Follow along with audio books
  • Watch a movie with Spanish Subtitles of at least 20 minutes. (They may watch 120 minutes of the movie, however it will only count for  20-minutes on the reading calendar).
  • Your child reading to you or on their own

Later in the year, your child will be able to read. By January, half or more of the reading minutes should include your child reading to you! If you have any other questions on the homework please refer to the weekly newsletter and if your question is still not answered please feel free to email me.