All about Alexander the great

Alexander was born july,20 in pella and he lived there to Alexander was capital of the macedonian kingdom.In the spring of 323B.C, alexander became sevionsly ill with a fever He also sufferd from exnaustion and the effert of several battle wonds.He died at the age of 32 june,10 323,B.C. His body was put in a tumb .After Alexander died his half brother,Philip lll Arrhidaeus became king of macedunia.Alexander father was philip ll,the shrewd king and general who conqeuredgreece.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Alexander had a dougther buy his wife olympias .His dougther is the nonmacedonian king mecedonianking neoptolemus one of epirus.At lest thats the conventional story.As a great hero, there are other move miraculous version of the conception.