Mrs. Sylvia's Class

Welcome to Second Grade!

     Second grade is a great's my favorite!  I hope it will be yours, toosmiley!  Lots of new learning will happen this year.  I'm excited to begin our new reading and math curriculum.  

    In reading, you'll explore interesting non-fiction texts that will teach you about all sorts of cool topics!  Fiction stories will take you all over the world.  You'll meet some out of the ordinary characters that will face some crazy adventures!  You'll also learn to be an amazing reader!  I hope you're up for this journeylaugh!  

     Mathematicians...get ready to use some new math thinking!  I was very lucky to have already used this new program last year with my class.  It was a trial year...we call it a pilot...and I loved it!  Some games, partner work, working with the teacher, sharing out, computer has it all!  

     Science will be a hands on approach while students learn through the inquiry model.  Our Stemscopes program will lead all of our scientists through investigations.  Working in small groups, brainstorming, raising questions, making claims...we'll do it all!  

     Social studies will help us become stellar citizens within our school, home and town community.  We also will travel the world stopping on every continent and exploring several countries.  Culture, traditions, and the people from these special places will be explored.

     So, bring your smile and great attitude every day...that's all you need!  I know you'll always try your BEST!  When you try your BEST, you are the BEST YOU that YOU can be!!wink

                                                                           Mrs. Sylviaheart