Beatha O'Sullivan

Who is Life Walker?

his human name is Beatha O’Sullivan both being Irish and Beatha meaning life. he was born on Elderon with the dragons, this planet was not earth it was in a hole other galaxy but the dragons being so old could travel from their world to our in seconds. However the dragons realizing was bringing life and not death banished him to earth at the time of the swords and bows in to a Celtic village where farming and war were everything. His powers we to make anything live again with a single touch, his other powers are dark and can sometimes consume him this power is brought up with rage it turns him dark and sucks all the life out of everything near him just like the dragons, it has been said that when he goes in to the dark sate commonly referred to as death walking that wings of darkness span out and darkness forms a massive dragon state over him as his shadow. This dark power makes fire; wither himself is on fire or fire from his hands or eyes. He can use his fire power when he is mad or when he is not because fire can make life or death and destruction. He can heal on things around him with his life force. He becomes more powerful (in either form) when he is in water. He grew up knowing that he had  this power because foolishly the dragons didn’t wipe his memories, although he hasn’t told anyone even the people who brought him up as their own, his “mom” could not have kids and they we very poor so life was never easy for them until Beatha came along. Farming was hard and often time’s crops would die but for some reason when Beatha came around they would live longer and make more produce, he always knew but no one else did. Despite him being a loveable kid and a male farmer people (adults) seemed to like him a lot however the kids didn’t like him they were always picking on him and pushing him as a kid. Now that he’s older he is going off to war and he doesn’t know that if someone dies near him that they will come back to life. This is a bad thing in this time period because witches were frowned a pone and killed, and if your son comes back to life at war your home will be set on fire by people who think you’re a witch. As he grew he had forgotten much that he had learned on Elderon and had to relearn his powers. His goal in life as a hero was to kill off all the dragons and help free both worlds of war and save Elderon’s people from the dragons. His big time enemy who banished him is an elder dragon who name is Dubh Bás meaning Black Death (in Gaelic) his fight to the death will be on Elderon and in the end the world will explode leaving the earth to its self with no dragons.