Discipline Policy

                                         Discipline Policy

To provide a more effective learning environment for your child, the following discipline plan will be implemented for the school year.  I do not anticipate many discipline problems, however, I will need your cooperation and support if any problems do arise.  If a student is disruptive or does not participate in classroom activities, he/she will be given a verbal warning.  The second time misbehavior occurs, he/she will be asked to move their name marker to the yellow warning sign on the board.  The third time, he/she will fill out a Conduct Card, which asks about his/her actions and why it was inappropriate.  This card will be kept on file and there will be a note in their planner indicating a "rough day" .  The third time the card is filled out it will be sent home for a parent/guardian signature.  I am confident that there will not be much need for this action.


1.  Follow directions first time they are given.

2.  Raise your hand and wait to be called on.

3.  When the speaker is talking, you should be listening.

4.  Respect your classmates.

5.  Do work quietly, without disturbing others.


1.  Verbal warning

2.  Move name marker on board/note to parent

3. Conduct Card sent home

4.  Parent Conference

*Severe misbehavior will be sent directly to the Principal's Office