Fourth Grade Curriculum






                                      A major theme in the Fourth grade religion text is learning more about the Ten Commandments.  Our book is divided into units:  Growing in Jesus Christ, The Commandments Help Us to Love God, The Commandments Help Us to Love Others, We Are Called to Holiness

The students attend an all school mass at 8:30 every Friday.  Alternating classes prepare and take part in mass each week.



                       A story is introduced each week.  Students work on vocabulary, comprehension, study skills and phonics through projects, activities and workbooks.  A test is given each Friday.

We also read each of the four novels chosen for the English Festival whether your child chooses to attend or not.  We will also read two or three high interest novels as a class.



                                    The spelling words correlate to our reading story each week.  There are twenty words and six challenge words.  New words and spelling patterns are introduced on Monday.  A test is given each Friday.


ENGLISH:  Loyola Press "Voyages in English" 

Grammar and Writing Skills are the two components of English.   The Voyages Hardback texts are used in class to teach and  introduce all parts of speech. The Voyages Workbook is used for independent work.  Personal narratives, descriptive, persuasive, expository, and creative writing exercises and assignments will be given throughout the year.


HANDWRITING:   The Zaner-Bloser method is used, although we do not use traditional workbook.  All spelling tests and final drafts in English are done in cursive.  Grades are taken from workbooks, spelling tests, and some written assignments in other subjects.


MATH:   Sadlier-Oxford

                                    Unit 1  Place Value & Money

                                    Unit 2  Operations and Algebraic Reasoning

                                    Unit 3  Multiplication of Whole Numbers

                                    Unit 4  Division of Whole Numbers

                                    Unit 5  Measurement & Graphing

                                    Unit 6  Geometry & Measurement

                                    Unit 7  Fractions & Decimals

                                    Unit 8  Probability & Graphing


SCIENCE: Nancy Larson Science Program -   username-olof      student pw- leaf  

                                     The program focuses on organisms and their interactions as well as forms of energy.

                                      *Exploring the Characteristics of Cells

                                      *Examining and Classifying Plants

                                      *Investigating Characteristics of Animals

                                      *Examining Ecosystems

                                      *Exploring Energy

                                      *Investigating Electricity 


SOCIAL STUDIES:   Pearson  My World Social Studies Pennsylvania   Regions of Our Country  


                                      Unit 1:  The Southwest

                                       Unit 2:  The Southeast

                                       Unit 3:  The Northeast

                                       Unit 4:  The Middle West

                                       Unit 5:  The Mountain States

                                       Unit 6:  The West