Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to buy anything for French class?

No, all textbook are provided for students. It is beneficial for them to have coloured pencils on hand, but if not we also have some in the classroom. If possible, it is also beneficial for them to have a French-English dictionary.

How can I help my child if I don't speak French?

Don't panic! Just because you don't speak French doesn't mean that you are of no help to your child. Providing them with the encouragement that they will need to take on this challenge is a great start. It is also important that they have the time and space needed to complete their assignments and prepare their projects. Learning a new language can have frustrating moments, and in those times, your child may need some of your positivity to stay dedicated. 

What are the benefits of second language learning?

Learning French has so many benefits besides simply the acquisition of a new language. It is widely accepted in the academic world that  ''Children in foreign language programs have tended to demonstrate greater cognitive development, creativity, and divergent thinking than monolingual children. Several studies show that people who are competent in more than one language outscore those who are speakers of only one language on tests of verbal and nonverbal intelligence '' (Foreign Language). With higher education becoming an increasingly popular option for students, skills that set them apart like creativity, the ability to problem solve effectively and superior communication skills are becoming more and more attractive qualities to possess. 

When will my child use French in the future? 

Students get the opportunity to practice their French skills on the annual trip that we take to St. Pierre and Miquelon. This is a great opportunity to use French in a natural context and to learn about French culture. This trip is a favourite for students and it is amazing to see them put their skills to use. 

Knowing a second language makes travelling easier, it qualifies students for jobs that they would otherwise not be considered for and it is a valuable skill that will benefit them in numerous aspects of their lives. 

What type of French do you teach? 

 My experience is with France French, however, because I make an effort to incorporate guest speakers and numerous audio elements into the classroom, the students will be exposed to a number of different dialects and accents. 

 My child says they don't have homework? Is that true?

Generally speaking, there is little homework assigned in Core French 2200. Most of the work takes place in the classroom. However, students are responsible for finishing their journals for each Monday. There is also much work that can take place at home in order to improve their capabilities in French. Listening to a French radio station or television program, reading a French book, talking to a friend in French, etc. all all great examples of work that your child can do at home to improve their skills!

When are parent-teacher interviews this year? 

Parent teacher interviews for the first report card session are taking place on November 13th from 1-3 and November 14th from 6-8. I look forward to getting the chance to meet with you and discuss your child's progress to date in French 2200. 


Check out the Canadian Parents for French website for more answers to FAQs, the link is:

If you have any other questions, please contact me!  

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