Course Resources

French 2200 Course Resources Provided by School:

En Direct 1 (Prentice-Hall Canada) Student Text

En Direct 1 (Prentice-Hall Canada) Workbook

We also use several resources written by Irene Bernard, including: En route vers la Francophonie, Et maintenant passons aux nouvelles and Entrepreneurs en herbe!

Supplementary Resources for Students: 

 There are wonderful resources available to students in their everyday lives. Encourage them to surf the web in French, listen to a French program on the radio, read a French novel (available from the school library), write a French poem, etc. Encourage your students to go beyond the classroom with their education! Check out the Links page for some great website suggestions!

 It is beneficial for students to have a French-English dictionary on hand; however, we also have some copies that they can use in class if this is not possible.