Sample Activities

A typical class starts with an intro on any given topic. This means that I would generally start by asking some questions (in French) to the class to find out the what vocabulary they already have on the subject. For example, if we are covering a unit on food, I may start by saying. 

 "Oh boy, am I stuffed. I just ate my favourite meal, pizza! What's your favourite meal?" 

 Then, I would get some answers from the students and we would probably chit chat about where they get that particular meal and if they know how to prepare it themselves, who makes it for them, and just general chatting to warm up. 

At this point, I hand out a bunch of cut outs of ingredients (veggies, baking supplies, meats, fruits, breads, etc.) that are labeled with the French word. I would ask students to collect five ingredients and "make" a dish out of them. They will spend some time figuring out what to make and how to prepare it. Then when they have finished, I ask the class to stand up and go from person to person asking each other what they have made. When all the students have spoken to one another, they sit down again. Then, I ask them questions like, "If you had to eat someone else's dish, whose would you eat?", "Whose dish sounded gross to you?", etc. 

 This is a very basic idea of the kind of activity that we would do in class. The following is a list of outcomes from the Curriculum Guide that would be reached through this activity.

1. Communication: Participate, with support, in classroom routines conducted in French. Express, with support, needs, desires, opinions and emotionsInteract effectively in French in everyday situations. Describe personal experiences in logical progression. 

2. Use Language Learning Strategies: Use reference materials, with support, to facilitate comprehension and to sustain communication. Use collaborative techniques to organize information and ideas needed to complete a task.

For a complete list of Outcomes that students must attain, go to,

 Newfoundland and Labrador Government, The Department of Education. Core French: Senior High, A Curriculum Guide. Retrieved                 from: