Math 1 Syllabus

Math 1 Syllabus          




Description: Math I is the first in the sequence of secondary (high-school) mathematics courses designed to ensure that students are college and work ready. This course requires students to:

·         Explore the characteristics of basic functions using tables, graphs, and simple algebraic techniques

·         Operate with radical, polynomial, and rational expressions

·         Solve a variety of equations, including quadratic equations with a leading coefficient of one, radical equations, and rational equations

·         Investigate properties of geometric figures in the coordinate plane

·         Apply the language of mathematical argument and justification

·         Discover, prove, and apply properties of polygons

·         Utilize counting techniques and determine probability

·         Use summary statistics to compare samples to populations

·         Explore the variability of data.

Textbook: Mathematics1: (McDougal Littell 2008).  There is an online version of the textbook that can be found on You must have the code on the inside of your textbook to make a user-name.

Supplies: Students MUST have the following

·         A three ring binder with dividers (may be a section in a notebook)

·         Lined Paper

·         Graph Paper

·         Pencils, Pencils, Pencils!

·         Scientific Calculator (TI-30XIIS recommended)

Classroom Supplies: The following items are not mandatory, but are of extreme use in the classroom.  If it is possible for you to help out, please turn in to teacher.

·         Computer Paper

·         Tissues

·         Hand Sanitizer

·         Paper Towels

Hall Passes: Every student MUST have their student ID in order to leave the room. Students will have 4 hall passes that they may use to leave the room.  Once a student has used the 4 passes, they will not be allowed to leave class for the rest of the semester.  Students need to be in class so these passes should only be used in emergencies.  Any passes not used may be turned in at the end of the semester for bonus points on the final test.

Make-up Policy: Make up work is the student’s responsibility.  All assignments are posted on the website calendar, so there is no excuse for not getting missed work.  All make-up work and missed notes are placed in the crate at the side of the room.  We do not give make up quizzes.  If you miss a quiz, you will be given a grade of zero until the unit test, which will replace the missing grade.  Those absent only the day before a test/quiz will take the test/quiz with the class. 

Make-up Sessions:  The Math Department holds sessions for making-up tests on Tuesday mornings (7:15) and Tuesday afternoons (3:30).  The sessions are held in a different room each week – please refer to the Detention and Make-Up Calendar posted on the outside of our door to see where to report.  Be prompt - there is no extended time!  If a student cannot attend a Tuesday session, they may come see us to schedule another time.

Grading: You will be given homework assignments each day at the end of class.  You are required to write down the assignments in your agenda.  Homework will be graded each day.  You will receive a grade of 0 – 4 based on how much of your homework is completed.  If you have all of your homework, you receive a 4 (100%).  If you have at least three-fourths of the problems done, but do not have all of them, you receive a 3 (75%).  If you have half of your homework done, you receive a 2 (50%).  If you have less than half of your homework done but have attempted it, you receive a 1 (25%).  If you have not done at least one-fourth of your homework, you receive a 0.  This is the same grading system on which warm-ups will be graded.  Writing down made up answers or answers only (with no work) will also result in a ZERO.

Class Grading Percentages:

EOCT             15%

Problem Sets   20%   (problem sets include homework, warm-ups, classwork, and tasks)                                                             

Quizzes           25%                                                              

Tests               40%

Late Work: Late work will not be taken.  You are expected to have assignments at the beginning of each class.  If you do not have them, you receive a zero.  NO EXCEPTIONS.        

Tutoring:  Help sessions are available.  PLEASE utilize them as soon as you need them!!  If the following times do not work for you, please see us to schedule an alternate time.

Mrs. Maddox - Tuesday afternoons from 3:30 - 4:20

Ms. Lawley - BY APPOINTMENT ONLY on Mon, Tues, Wed and Fri mornings at 7:45

Website: The website is updated regularly with upcoming assignments and practice exercises.  It is a great resource for students who are absent so they do not fall behind.  It is also a great resource for parents who want to know when tests and quizzes are scheduled. 

Class Expectations:

Behavioral Expectations

          1. Be on time for every class (see tardy policy).

          2. Respect teachers, other students, and their property.

          3. No grooming, eating or drinking in the classroom.  Water in a capped water bottle is allowed.  Other drinks and all food and make-up will be taken up by the teacher.

          4. Do not get up to leave class at the end of the period until dismissed.

      Academic Expectations:

          1. Be prepared with all necessary tools!  All materials should be out and ready to go when the bell rings.

          2. Follow all directions.

          3. Meet all deadlines for work.

          4. Do your best work all the time!

          5. Be Honorable – cheating will not be tolerated and will result in an automatic zero for the assigned activity for the first offense.   

***PARENTS! Sign up for and check Pinnacle often!!