Algebra 3 Syllabus

Class Syllabus                                             Algebra III                                                       Spring 2011

Mrs. B. Maddox



Your success in this class will be a product of the consistency of your study and homework habits.  Being organized, prepared, conscientious, and present each day will greatly enhance your learning process.  You are a student whose job and responsibility is to be the best student that you can be! 

Topics Covered:

     Equations and Inequalities                          Systems of Equations and Inequalities    

     Functions and Their Graphs                       Matrices and Determinants    

      Polynomial Functions                                Sequences, Series, and Probability         


Required DAILY Materials:

     Notebook with Loose Leaf Paper

     Graph Paper

     Pencils and Erasers

     Textbook (we will leave in class when we can)

     Scientific or Graphing Calculator 

Optional Materials for Classroom:

     AAA Batteries    

     Dry Erase Markers     


     Paper Towels    

     Computer Paper    

Class Grading Percentages:

     Daily Assessments:    20%

     Quizzes:                  30%

     Tests/Projects:          40%

     Final Exam:              10%

Daily Assessment:  Class will consist of warm up activities, taking notes, practice problems, working in pairs, and solving problems on the board.  Homework will also be assigned on a regular basis. You must ALWAYS SHOW YOUR WORK when applicable or you will not receive credit.  Please have your name, block number, date, and assignment at the top of the paper. 

Quizzes:  There will be at least one quiz for each chapter.  Quizzes may be announced or unannounced.  Review will be given at the teachers’ discretion. 

Tests:  There will be a test at the end of each chapter.  Tests will be cumulative in order to prepare for the Final at the end of the semester which is worth 10% of the final grade.  A review will be given before each test. 



Extra Help/Make Up Work:  Students are responsible for all missed work.  Missed work is due as school policy states.  There will be no make up quizzes; the grade made on the unit test will replace the missing quiz grade.  Make-ups for missed tests will be offered departmentally every Tuesday morning (7:15) and Tuesday afternoon (3:30).  For location, please refer to the make-up schedule on my classroom door.  Extra help is available Tuesday afternoon until 4:15 in Mrs. Maddox’s room.  Please see me to request additional times. 

Classroom Expectations:  Be the best YOU that you can be……..ALL THE TIME J

Behavioral Expectations:

         1.     Be on time – be in your assigned seat ready to begin when the bell rings.  Tardy students WILL be sent to PPO.

         2.   Respect the teacher, your peers, and their property.

         3.   Always clean up after yourself! 

         4.   No electronics – this includes, but is not limited to, phones, music, and ear buds.   

         5.   Keep outings to a minimum.  IDs are required to leave the room.

         6.   The teacher, not the bell, will dismiss the class.  You will be dismissed once the room is clean and you are seated. 

     Academic Expectations:

         1.     Meet all deadlines for work – NO late work is accepted.

         2.    Ask for help as SOON as it is needed.

         3.    Be honorable – cheating will not be tolerated!

         4.   Do your best work all the time!


  1. Verbal warning
  2. Verbal warning and phone call home
  3. Teacher detention and phone call home – detention is to be served within one week
  4. Administrative referral and phone call home.