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NEET 2019

 Oxygen is not produced during photosynthesis by

(1) Cycas

(2) Nostoc

(3) Green sulphur bacteria

(4) Chara

Photosynthesis can be oxygenic OR anaoxygenic. Oxygenic photosynthesis results in oxygen evolution during photosynthesis (eg. Plants, Algae, Blue green algae(Cyanobacteria).  Anoxygenic photosynthesis do not evolve oxygen (eg. Bacterial).

Here, Cycas (Plant), Nostoc (Blue greeen algae) Chara (Algae) show oxygenic photosynthesis whereas Green sulphur bacteria (Bacteria) show anoxygenic (oxygen not produced) photosynthesis.

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NEET 2019

Double fertilization is

(1) Fusion of two male gametes with one egg.

(2) Fusion of one male gamete with two polar nuclei

(3) Fusion of two male gametes of a pollen tube with two different eggs.

(4) Syngamy and triple fusion.

Double fertilization is seen in Angiosperms. Each pollen of stamen contains 2 male gametes and each ovule of the carpel, in its embryosac contains a single female gamete (egg) and two polar nuclei.

Two fertilization events (Double fertilization) occur when a pollen falls on carpel.

(i) One male gamete of a pollen fuse with the egg. This is called syngamy.

(ii) Another male gamete of the pollen fuse with the two polar nuclei. This is called triple fusion.

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NEET 2019

Which one of the following plants shows a very close relationship with a species of moth, where none of the two can complete its life cycle without the other.?

(1) Banana

(2) Yucca

(3) Hydrilla

(4) Viola

Pronuba moth lays eggs in the ovary of the flower of Yucca plant. In turn the moth help in pollination, that helps in fruit, seed formation. Thus, both of them have coevolved. Banana do not require pollination for fruit formation as they are parthenocarpic although wild bananas are seen commonly pollinated by bats. Hydrilla is pollinated by water. Viola has cleistogamous (flowers do not open even at maturity) and chasmogamous flowers (flowers open at maturity) and chasmogamous flowers are often pollinated by bees.

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NEET 2019

Pollen grains can be stored for several years in liquid nitrogen having a temperature of


(1) -196 C

(2) -80 C

(3) -120 C

(4) -160 C


Liquid nitrogen has temperature of -196 C for storing various biological samples including pollen grains.


NEET 2019

Which of the following elements is responsible for maintaining turgor in cells ?

(1) Potassium

(2) Sodium

(3) Magnesium

(4) Calcium



NEET 2019

Potassium maintains turgidity in cells and thus helps in opening and closing of stomata.

Sodium is not an essential element, but helps in plant metabolism.

Magnesium is structural component of chlorophyll molecule.

Calcium- Helps in cell wall synthesis.




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