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General page instructions for ED 361 students.

  1. Link your assignment pages to the appropriate trimseter.
  2. Remove all the instructions from this page before you post it to educatorpages. The instructions are posted in brown.
  3. DO NOT change anything on the trimester pages above the assignment table.
  4. This page is intended as an outline to help keep you organize your work. Please follow it quite carefully, but don't feel that you cannot exercise your creativity.

Insert your header or a link to your header art in this box.
As with the other boxes, delete all the instruction copy when you are finished.

Post pre-service teacher names and contact information here

Here is the example you should follow.
This lesson is brought to you by Mr. Magleby and Mr. Robbins.
If you have questions you can email us at or

Assignment Number


Overstrike the assignment number on the above line and remove this line.

Assignment name


Overstrike the assignment name on the above line and remove this line.

What should I learn from doing this?


Include a simple description of your learning goal(s) for this assignment. Your description should be student-comprehensible and easily identified. Overstrike the the learning goal(s) on the line above this paragraph and remove these lines.


Help the kids understand how this assignment relates to the essential question or generative topic in your lesson. Make it comprhensible and keep it brief.


Detail just what the assignment is, how it works, and precisely what you want the kids to do.

Do you want teams? Do you want a presentation? A hard copy?

Post lists of study questions, vocabulary, and anything to which you want the kids to respond here.

To download a copy of the biography template, click here.

To see a sample of a complete biography, click here.

For a copy of the Famous Person Fact Sheet, click here.

For a copy of the Famous Event Fact Sheet, click here.

due date

Day / Month / Date

Overstrike the dates on the above line and remove this line.

Other links

If you are using outside resources, post them here. This should include linked files, digital files of hard copy, movies, sound files - you name it. If you want them to access it for your class, list it here.

If you are not using any other files, use this box to tell the kids.