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This year I have noticed that bad behavior is coming in early.I have already had a few students getting in trouble for their bad behavior.Please talk to your child about these rules of behavior.

Respect other people's feelings and opinions

Make good decisions about the way we work with others

Listen to one another thoughtfully

Take turns speaking

Not criticize people because of their opinions

Keep our hands to ourselves

Ask good questions and expect good responses

Do your own work

Do our best and encourage others to do their best

Answer questions thoughtfully

Work collaboratively in small groups so that everyone can learn

Treat others the way you want to be treated

If your child does not follow these rules they will recieve a write-up.

If they recieve 1 write-up I will email you and tell you what they have done wrong.

When they recieve their 2nd write-up i will email you and tell you and they will go to the principals office for a talk about their behavior.

When they recieve their their 3rd write-up they will get a note sent home that will need to be signed and brought back to school,go to the principals office for the day and do everything they are assigned in the principals office.

For every other write-up they get they will get a note sent home that will need to be signed and returned and will have to spend another day in the principals office.

On every write-up your child recieves they will also loose a special advantage.For example they may have to load the buses last for 2 days.

Get 2 Months for $5!