Derry Middle School is a public middle school located in Hanover Park, IL. It is considered as a Title I school consisting of 46.2% of low-income students and 63.3% of students who come from a diverse background. This school also has 3.6% of its students who are English learners and about 13% of its students have a disability of some kind. During my observations, many of the students enjoy socializing with their friends in class and need constant reminders to stay on task. I chose to interview Mr. Hunt who grew up around the Chicago area and did construction for about 30 years before making a life-changing decision to pursue a degree in Math and minor in Physics. This year is his 4th year teaching 7th grade Math/Pre-Algebra and enjoys working with students to see their progress. During his free time, he likes to do woodworking and spend time with his wife. I observed Mr. Hunt twice and noticed that he often uses his SmartBoard to conduct his lecture. He collaborates with his teammate, Mr. Guetta, to share ideas and ensure that the most effective teaching practices are implemented to ignite the power and potential of each student. Therefore, many strengths and areas of improvements will be discussed in the analysis of the learning environment at Derry Middle School within its curriculum, leadership, and culture.