Evolution of all Serigrafia

Silk screen printing or serigrafia could be the craft of forcing ink through a collection of silk screens that are fine-meshed. Each silk-screen is stretched tightly over a business aluminum or aluminum framework & most on average has a coating having a photo-sensitive emulsion. Although the film can be used sometimes to make a mask. The designs and art created out of it are acceptable to the needs of the people.


The screen is first created by extending a fabric (e.g., silk) within a framework of aluminum or wood. The image is first drawn (manually or using software) on plastic or paper, or captured at a photograph. It is cut out to form a stencil. The stencil has been attached with the screen. Subsequently areas of the screen net are obstructed with a waterproof hiding moderate. The distances turned into the negative areas of the final image.

The Italians are especially enthusiastic about developing complex technologies, this particular art and control for their own productions. The Italians hire qualified professionals to technical investigation, graphic style, color development, and design, and they display the creativity and innovativeness of ingenuity that is Italian. They deal on beverages, cosmetics, design food, and perfumery. The Serigrafia provider works to create these products which the customers desire. Screen printing uses meshes made of material such as polyester. The Mesh are also of materials such as nylon and steel to their own printers.


There is Serigrafia that is in use for art printing that will always get value. Quality prints produced by leading print making artists sell to millions of dollars for thousands. So this form of art is quite valuable enjoy the other fine arts.