Ms. Maerten's 2nd Grade Newsletter

Welcome to another fantastic year! We will be learning and growing together in 2nd grade. Here is a peek at what your student will be learning this month:



This month we will be working on our first unit “Seasonal Weather”. During this unit students will learn to ask questions about the text to demonstrate understanding of texts. They will also learn about story structure and text features and how these help us to navigate and understand what we are reading. We will review long and short vowels and students will distinguish between those sounds in words. In writing students will learn the writing process and use this process to write personal narratives. Students will also be learning how to write complete sentences, identifying nouns, and how to use signal words in their writing.



This month in math we will focus on fluent addition and subtraction up to 20 using various strategies (i.e. counting on). Students will also learn how to represent data using a bar graph and picture graph. They will then use that data to answer questions. 



Social Studies 

Students will learn about the government and the services they provide to the community. They will also learn how to be good citizens and learn about the importance of rules and laws.








Students will be learning all about sound. Students will discover that sound is created by vibrations and influenced by frequency.