Welcome to the Sixth Grade Team!





 Being Respectful, Responsible, and Caring gives us Cougar Pride!



* ISAT makeups are going on this week


*PTO Fundraiser is going on now until March 22nd... Sell just FIVE items and you get to come to the carnival for FREE!! The more you sell the more chances you get to win money at the party. Turn in all money and order forms to your homeroom teacher



Assignment Notebook:

At the beginning of the year each student received an assignment notebook.  The assignment notebook should be filled out daily to prevent missing work.  This teaches students to be responsible, which is one of our school's pillars. 


Sixth Grade Teacher's Contact Information:  847-546-8800


Language Arts & Social Studies                                   Math & Science 

Brooke Brenner    bbrenner@rlas-116.org Ext. 4131           Deb Arthurs                darthurs@rlas-116.org           Ext. 4135

Elaine Shiedlak eshiedlak@rlas-116.org Ext. 4132            Michelle Hill               mhill@rlas-116.org                 Ext. 4136

Heather Watkins hwatkins@rlas-116.org Ext. 4130            Karen Scott                kscott@rlas-116.org              Ext. 4134

Bob Medsker bmedsker@rlas-116.org Ext. 4149            Tiffany Owsiany        towsiany@rlas-116.org           Ext. 4115

Felicia Fischer ffischer@rlas-116.org Ext. 4119            Theresa Klugiewicz    tklugiewics@rlas-116.org      Ext. 4118

Andres Orbe aorbe@rlas-116.org Ext. 4117             Rudy Ortega              rortega@rlas-116.org             Ext. 4120