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Sankashti Chaturthi Dates

In Hinduism, there are two kinds of Sankashti Chaturti date in 2022 (संकष्टी ) which appears in a month, firstly Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha, but fasting medicine for people is Sanka Kritha. On the day you worship Lord Ganpati according to the law, all wishes will be granted and all troubles will be gone. The Ganapati congregation continues to fast on this day and breaks their fast after seeing the moon.

Sankashti Chaturthi 2022 List is believed to be the Chaturthi to end problems. With the worship of the first venerated Lord Ganesha, all work will be completed smoothly. People from the north and south believe that this festival day is the most auspicious. While in Maharashtra, they show more interest in the day, performing fasts, pujas and much more.

We celebrate the Sankasti Chaturti 2022 (संकष्टी ) calendar with the worship of Lord Ganesha. He comes from Krishna Paksha on the fourth day of every month. If it comes on Tuesday, it is called Angarika Chaturthi or the most auspicious day, but according to rituals, we can only get one or two Angarika Chaturthi in a year. We fasted the whole day and Ganeshji gave us knowledge, joy and wisdom.

Check out the list of next Sankashti Chaturthi list in 2022. Take list of Sankashti Chaturthi in 2022 with Chandrodaya time, also take calendar with list of Sankatahara, Angarika and Sakat Chauth coming in 2022 at sunrise on the moon.


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