IRANCELL mobile modem model FD-M60

از سیر تا پیاز مودم FD-M60  ایرانسل

IRANCELL FD-M60 mobile modem with support for 4G / 4.5G networks under the brand name IRANCELL FD-M60 4G / 4.5G Portable Modem is a product of IRANCELL

IRANCELL FD-M60 mobile modem can support various LTE CAT6 / LTE FDD / DC-HSPA + / HSPA + / UMTS / EDGE / GPRS / GSM networks.

In wireless connections, it has a high speed data transfer, because it supports 4G network.

With WIFI connection, up to 16 users can use this modem at the same time. The maximum download speed of this product is 300 Mbps.

SMS sending and receiving panel and support for command codes are other features of this modem. This product of IRANCELL supports the frequency of 5 GHz.

The Wi-Fi connection of this modem shows its power when it is set to 5 GHz and connects to a device with WIFI 802.11ac standard.

The FD-M60 is powered by a 3,000 MAH internal battery and therefore charges for a full day.

In order to update this mobile modem, the ability to update online has been considered and it has been easily updated with new and modified versions when connecting to the Internet.


Physical specifications of IRANCELL FD-M60 mobile modem


Mobile modem


108X62X17 mm


127 grams

Power supply

Battery with a capacity of 3000 MAH


Wi-Fi, USB


On / Off – Reset

CAT cable type


Show settings

Has a screen

SIM card size

Micro wire

Mobile items

IRANCELL SIM card - USB cable - Adapter - Manual

Physical characteristics

Small and light

Hardware specifications of IRANCELL FD-M60 modem



Brand name


Connection type


SIM card type





USB port, wireless connection (Wi-Fi)

Ability to connect to the Internet

Via USB cable


Supports 5 GHz frequency

Charging time

A full day


Features of IRANCELL FD-M60 mobile modem network

Wireless supported networks

2G, 3G , 4G, 4.5G

Supported networks


Wireless antenna method

MIMO Wi-Fi 2X2

Input data transfer speed

Download 300 Mbps

Output data transfer speed

Upload 50 Mbps

Maximum user support

16 users

Speed assessment


Optimal antenna

It works very well in places covered by IRANCELL

Internal antenna

It works when used on the go, for example in the car or in daily city traffic.

Software features of IRANCELL FD-M60 mobile modem

Send and receive SMS panel

Support for IP version 6 (IPV6)

Support for grammar codes

Ability to update online


This portable modem has excellent performance for personal use. You can easily use this modem between a phone and a laptop wirelessly

Move the file.

Lastly, if the 4G coverage of your home or office is poor, you can get an external amplifier antenna for better performance.

Other descriptions

MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) is an antenna technology for wireless communication in which multiple antennas are used in both source (transmitter) and destination (receiver).

Is. Antennas are combined at the end of each communication circuit to minimize errors and optimize data speed.

2X2 MIMO devices with dual antennas and radio will be able to communicate through two sending and receiving streams, which in

Modem with IRANCELL model FD-M60 This method is used. A 3*3 MIMO device with 3 antennas and a radio is capable of transmitting and receiving through three sending and receiving streams.

Introducing Huawei HILINK software

To make more use of the features of the FD-M60 modem, you can download the Huawei HILINK application software for different platforms, and with this software, you can set up and use all the modem parts.

Some features of this software:

Rename WIFI

Change WIFI password

View people connected to the modem

View consumption volume

And many other possibilities..

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