English IV CP Syllabus

                   Course Syllabus  

Course: ENGLISH IV        Phone: (860) 564-6422 ext. 2109    Teacher: Mrs. Maher          Email: maherl@plainfieldschools.org   

* I am available for extra help before and after school almost every day.  If regular parent/teacher communication is desired then I ask that an introductory email be sent to me.  I will reply within two days of having received the introductory email and this will allow me to save the parent/guardian email address and communicate student progress on a weekly basis.    

The mission of Plainfield High School is to promote academic excellence and personal development. In conjunction with rigorous instruction and high expectations, we will work collaboratively with families and the community for our students to develop skills necessary to succeed in college or career choice, challenging them to become life-long learners and responsible, productive citizens.   


Academic Expectations

Students at Plainfield High School will:            

  Read, write, listen and speak for effective  communication.          

    Use technology and other sources to gather, analyze, interpret and synthesize information effectively.    

          Demonstrate problem-solving and critical thinking skills

·    Express ones self artistically and creatively using a variety of artistic, musical, and visual forms.  

Social Expectations

Students at Plainfield High School will:            

   Demonstrate respect for themselves, others, diversity, and property.           

    Demonstrate punctuality, preparedness and engagement in school activities.  

             Demonstrate honesty, integrity and personal responsibility.           

    Appreciate the value of life-long physical fitness and good health.

Civic ExpectationsStudents at Plainfield High School will:           

     Participate in school and community activities.           

    Value the rights and responsibilities of a democratic society.     

Course Description: This course develops and applies the knowledge and skills mastered in the Academic English program. The student will study world literature with emphasis on written and oral interpretation.  The texts we will read this semester are focused around several central themes such as: heroism and courage, personal salvation, the price of loyalty, betrayal, and the individual’s role in society.  We will also study vocabulary. In our study of vocabulary, emphasis is placed upon SAT words.  

Purpose of the Course: To foster a sense of owned literacy, develop critical thinking skills, integrate and expound on students’ previous literacy education, and establish a contextual understanding of the interrelatedness of literature, culture, and the social order. 

Course Objectives: By the end of this course, the student will be able to:

1.       read a variety of genres for information and pleasure

2.       express him-/herself effectively in a variety of genres using appropriate language conventions and literary devices

3.       understand authors’ use of conventions and devices to aid the reader’s comprehension and increase enjoyment

4.       recognize unknown vocabulary in his/her own reading and implement strategies to develop understanding of vocabulary

5.       utilize sophisticated vocabulary where appropriate in his/her own written  work

6.       apply critical thinking skills to literature and writing

7.       discuss the strengths and weaknesses of written pieces, including those written by him-/herself, his/her classmates, and published authors

8.       analyze the effectiveness of his/her own writing process

9.       manage his/her own time efficiently in order to meet established deadlines and become conscientious learners

10.   effectively conduct self-directed research using a variety of media

11.   actively seek feedback and direction to improve his/her writing skills

12.   participate actively and positively in a community of learners

13.   contribute to an environment of respect, understanding, and personal growth

14.   accurately assess his/her own progress as a learner and individual

15.   demonstrate a mature understanding of him-/herself as a learner, teacher, and author  

Course Policies:

1.       Especially because of the personal nature of writing and discussion, students will be respectful to one another and themselves at all times.  Derogatory statements including racism, sexism, religious and cultural intolerance, and otherwise intentionally hurtful comments will not be tolerated.

2.       Observe the Classroom Rules and Expectations on a daily basis.

3.       All essays must be word processed and in MLA format.  I am available after school with few exceptions, so students may always come to my classroom, after school, for help.

4.       There will be copious reading assignments for this class and your success is incumbent on the completion of these assignments and any additional homework.    

* Failure to follow any of the above policies will result in a consequence proportional to the incident.  Levels of consequences include: verbal warning, one-on-one conference, parent/teacher conference, detention, referral to office.  

Materials Needed:

  • 2-3 inch 3 ring binder with dividers and filler paper
  • Agenda Book
  • Pens/pencils
 Grading Scheme:
  • Participation/Homework: 20%
  • Quizzes/Projects: 25%
  • Writing Assignments: 25%
  • Tests: 30%

 The following is a general outline of the reading for the semester. 

      §         WORLD LITERATURE- Will will read The Kite Runner. 

  • THE ANGLO-SAXON PERIOD –We will be reading Beowulf.
  • THE MIDDLE AGES – We will read a selection of The Canterbury Tales.
  • THE ENGLISH RENAISSANCE We will study William Shakespeare’s Macbeth.
  • THE VICTORIAN ERA- We will read The Strange Case of Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde.
  • Grammar, Punctuation and Mechanics – We will thoroughly examine the rules and regulations of grammar, punctuation, and mechanics.
  • Essays: You will be writing several MLA papers during the semester, along with an extensive research paper.
  • All students are required to have a Silent Reading (SSR) book with them every day during the units of Beowulf, The Canterbury Tales and Macbeth.  You will be journaling about your individual selections and sharing your experiences with classmates.  You will be provided with one class period to make a selection and after that selection has been made you are responsible for returning it to the library and selecting a new book on your own time. Once you have finished a book you will be responsible for completing a project based on your reading.  Any additional independent reading book projects will be counted as an extra test grade.