Personal Philosophy

Personal Philosophy





As a whole, teachers are valuable assets of the community and economy. There is a high demand for teachers however we need not just teachers but quality teachers. We are in need of teachers who understand their students and how students approach learning. We need those teachers who understand that differences in learning are not weaknesses but are needs to be addressed. Our future is based solely on the younger generation, and as such, all students are entitled to an education. Not a superficial attendance at school, but a quality learning experience.



All students are learners. Learning is a life long experience. All teachers were once students and hence will always be learners, if not subjected to a superior individual like a tutor, mentor or another teacher, they are student of themselves. As teachers we need to be critical of ourselves, and reflect tentatively unto our actions, reactions and approaches to teaching students and teaching ourselves. Self evaluation is necessary for further growth and professional development.



There is no such thing as disciplining a student!! There is however a truth behind disciplining the behaviour of a student (Glasser, 1985). All students have the right to education, the quality of their education depends not only the administration aspects of lesson planning or content, but also largely on the effective management of student behaviour within the class context. It is thus extremely crucial that classroom management skills are developed to ensure quality and effective learning experiences.