Element 6

Element 6: Teachers continually improve their professional knowledge and practice

I believe…

  • Learning is a life-long process. For us teachers in particular, professional development plays a crucial role in assisting us maintain a high quality of teaching.

·         The teaching profession is ever changing to meet the needs of society and the needs of the students present in our classrooms. We must then continually engage in practices that assist us in improving our professional knowledge and practices aligning with the NSW Institute of Teachers Quality Teaching Standards. In order to do this I believe that we need to engage in practices such as professional development within schools as well as take out research and investigations into the curriculum particularly because within our teaching context we are moving towards a national curriculum.

·         Reflective practice is a pertinent technique that teachers should employ to evaluate and assess themselves as the facilitator in their classroom ensuring that they are making all learning experiences significant, intellectually challenging and involve deep understanding of the subject matter being taught.

I have…

1.      Critically evaluated all lessons/units that I have implement relying on feedback from my co-operating teacher and the students in the class. Using this feedback I have been able to improve on my teaching practice as well as evaluate the lesson/unit in terms of content, teaching strategies. In my evaluation of this learning experience I acknowledge the significant importance of teamwork in the educational context.

2.       Collaboratively planned a unit of work with another peer. In this unit we evaluated each other’s teaching practices showing my ability to accept constructive feedback to improve and refine my teaching and learning practices. I have provided a

3.      Attended all staff meetings at the schools in which I have undertaken a practicum and also participated in the stage planning sessions allocated to the stages that I have taken. My participation in these activities required me to prepare teaching ideas and also contribute to the development of content.

4.      Researched an educational issue that has been identified as an issue in science education. I have in collaboration with another peer, explored and investigated the topic of female participation in high school science education. Through this investigation I was able to demonstrate and refine my methods of research in education issues and devise an investigation that was viable and successful.


I need…

1.      Become more familiar with the range of policies and policy documents that teachers in NSW need to comply with.

2.      Demonstrate knowledge of the available professional development opportunities and the importance of personal planning to ongoing professional growth.



I will…

1.      Log onto the Department of Education website to browse through and read common policy documents and make myself more familiar with its content. In particular I want to revise my understanding and knowledge of the child protection policies.