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Student Book Reviews
Review by Alex C.:
Book: Diary of A Wimpy Kid Dog Days
Author: Jeff Kinney

I recommend this awesome book because anybody 12 years or younger will understand the funny sequences in Greg's life. One of my favorite parts is when Greg's dog licks his dad's face and he had been licking his rear end for half an hour. You will laugh your head off! Even if you had watched the movie, the book is way funnier!!!
Review bu Maia G.:
Book : Dork Diaries
Author: Rachel Renee Russell
I recommend the book called Dork Diaries. Dork Diaries is funny and addictive. This book is a similar book to Diaries of a Wimpy Kid because both books have a plot of a kid not loving their middle school life but in Dork Diaries the main character is a girl named Nikki Maxwell. There are 3 books in this series. I recommend all of them!! The first book is about Nikki living a not so perfect life. Nikki has to avoid her embarrassing family and popular mean girls at her school. She wants her crush Brandon, to know she even exists and for everyone not to think of her as just a dork. Surviving middle school is not just a piece of cake for Nikki. Nikki’s goal is to become popular and have her dream boyfriend, Brandon. I recommend this book because it is an amazing book and you won’t be able to put it down!:)
Review by Carissa F.:
Book Title - Guardians of Ga'hoole
By Kathryn Lasky

This book is about a young owl named Soren born in the forest of Tyto. He is capured and taken away to a dark place. Soren and his friend have to learn to fly to escape. They meet two other owls and look for the truth to save the owl world. I recommend this book to all my friends and anyone who loves animals.
Review by Gina A.:
The Babysitters Club: Dawn and The Big Sleepover
by Ann M. Martin
The reason why I would recommend this book to someone is that it is based on a girl who never gave up. Its about a girl named Dawn Schafer who had to help Zunis in New Mexico. Their school had caught on fire and their homes too. Dawn couldn’t stand just sitting there doing nothing to help. So, Dawn called her brother’s teacher, Mrs. Besser. Once Dawn called the teacher they decided to have a fund-raiser , donate clothes, and let the kids think of ways to raise money. Also as a reward , whoever makes a donation will get to have a slumber party in the school gym. So when the kids get too competitive they bring in stuff they are not supposed to bring in their parents come and take their stuff back. But even at if their stuff was taken , but at the end they ended up getting more than enough money to help their friends in New Mexico. So all the kids get thank you letters from their “brothers and sisters” in New Mexico. Not only now they can re-build the school , but now the houses burned down can be re-built, and the kids and their family can have food and clothes. So if someone wanted to read this book I would recommend this to people who need to be inspired and for people who like to help others. I also give the book five gold stars.
Review by Sarah M.:
Title:Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone
Author:J.K. Rowling
Harry Potter (in this book) is a young boy who lives a terrible life is in which is the exact opposite of what it should be. He spends his days dreaming in a cupboard, being yelled at and cleaning for his non-magic (muggle) aunt and uncle. They also have an annoying son called Dudley. Dudley spends his time making fun of Harry and eating. But one day, when Harry gets an unexpected letter from an unknown source everything gets stricter. But the letters keep coming. It starts to become so much of a problem, that they leave for a tiny hut on a little island. But that doesn't stop all of the confusing twists and turns life has been taking so far. In the middle of the night, after Harrry's birthday, a huge man walks in. Harry soon finds out that he is not only a wizard, he is famous for something he doesn't know.
After the strange visit from Hagrid (the large, odd, kind and tall man Harry meets), he leaves for a semester at Hogwarts: The School Of Witch Craft And Wizardry. There he meets amazing friends that are with him for the rest of his magical journey.
I consider Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone a fantasy with a splash of reality! That's why I give it a five-star rating and highly recommend it to other fellow students and peers.
Review by Ryan K.:
Dear Mr. Henshaw
By: Beverly Cleary
Illustrated by Paul O. Zelinsky

I chose this book because I just finished reading it and it won the John Newberry Medal, otherwise known as the Newberry award. It won top honors, and deserved it to.

This story is about a 6th grade boy who  lives with his mom in a different city because his parents got divorced. In second grade, the boy - Leigh (Lee) Botts -  wrote a letter to his favorite author and then becomes pen pals with him.

In the middle Leigh starts a diary and pretends he is writing to the author, because the author he was writing to - Mr. Henshaw - recommended it. Also, somehow a person tries stealing his lunch!

In the end Leigh wins a contest so he was able to meet a famous author! Then, later that day he saw his father pull up in front of his house with his dog. He was so surprised and, happy he didn’t know what to say.

I recommend this book because it includes how the main character  Leigh overcomes the  hardships of a pre-teen boy who has no friends, divorced parents and, is trying to just fit in. Also because this story is fun, and exciting to read.