HomeSchool Help


As I traverser this wonderful virtual highway searching for stimulating ideas and thought-provoking lessons in order

to homeschool my children effectively I visit many wonderful sites.   I think it would be very nice indeed to impart

what I have found with you.  As I find new sites I will post them here.  Check out State Curriculum Guidelines to find

a complete listing of what each grade is expected to learn.  Enjoy!                                                         Create your own page. Use it for yourself or to streamline your lessons.                                            there is a yearly fee for this site, and is well worth the money spent.                  free worksheets                       pay-site            math, pre-school to Geometry!      AWESOME! Videos on just about anything you need to know.  Check it out NOW!                               5th - 9th grade          science                 awesome site                                    7th grade life science                     money site                       This is a new one we are working on.  Best site I have found for helping to learn to type.                                   

This isn't everything I have yet, just a small sampling.  Check back in a few days; I promise there will be gobbs more!