Homework Policy

Homework Policy:

-Make sure you do the work I assign (even if it is not going to be graded)

-Make sure your work is turned in on time (try not to be late work)

-Make sure that your handwriting is readable

-Make sure you show your work

-If I say work alone on this assignment you have to work alone (not with a partner)

-Make sure you complete the whole assignment I might hand out

-Make sure if the homework is something like writing do it in complete sentences


- If work is turned in late I will give a lower grade ( I can understand if you were busy the night I hand out homework, just try your best.)  (I also can understand if you were having trouble  with your homework just note I will give a lower grade.)


- If you are out sick with the virus or you have to be quarantined just go to my "Corona Virus Closure Work" page and do any of the links there.  Don't worry about what we did in class I will catch you up on what you missed when you get back.