Class Syllabus

Calvin High School

9th Grade World History Syllabus


Mr. Said


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1)  Students will examine the lives of the hunting and gathering people of the ancient world during the beginnings of human society.

2)  Students will examine the characteristics of early civilizations, including those of Egypt, Mesopotamia, the Indus River Valley, and China from approximately 4000 to 1000B.C.E.

3)  Students will examine the antecedents, origins, development, and achievements of the classical civilizations of Greece and Rome from approximately 2000B.C.E. to 500C.E.

4) Students will trace the development of major civilizations, states, and empires in different regions of Asia, Africa, and the Americas from 1000B.C.E. to 1500 C.E.

5)  Students will examine the political, economic, social, and cultural development of Europe, which influenced the rise of Western Civilization from 500 to 1500

6)  Students will conduct historical research that includes forming research questions, developing a thesis, investigating a variety of primary and secondary sources and presenting their finding s with documentation.


1)  Beck, etc., World History: Patterns of Interaction.  McDougall Littell, 2003

2)  Spiral Notebook

3)  Writing Utensil

4)  Three-Prong Folder

GRADING                            GRADING SCALE

A                   95% and above 

A                                          90% to 94%

B                                          85% to 89%

B                            80% to 84%

C                                         75% to 79%

C        70% to 74%

D = MINIMAL                      60% to 69%


A total of points earned, divided by points possible.  All Social Studies grades will be weighted in the following manner:

Tests                      60%

Homework             30%

Final Exam            10%


1.  10% will be deducted from an assignment for each day it is late.

2.  Late assignments will only be accepted for five days following the due date.

3.  Assignments turned in within days 1-5 will not be scored below a 50%, however, a      

     reasonable effort must be demonstrated by the student.

4.  Assignments turned in on the sixth day will receive a zero for that assignment.

5.  Absent students will be allowed one day for every day missed, following their return,

      to turn in missed work.

6.  Students will have one day to make up a missed exam due to an absence.


.  The school-wide policy will be strictly enforced and followed in this classroom.


If a student is not in his/her assigned seat when the bell rings, he/she is tardy. 

Consequences:             1st Tardy – Verbal/Written Warning

                                    2nd Tardy – Complete teacher generated assignment 

                                    3rd Tardy – Administrative referral/Discipline



RESPECT (the special esteem or consideration in which one holds another person or thing)

»    Respect yourself and others

»    Respect your property, others property, the classroom property, and teacher’s property

LISTEN (to use one’s ears consciously in order to hear)

»    Listen to fellow classmates and teacher with open ears and closed mouth

»   Do not talk while another classmate or teacher is talking

»    Partake in active listening

LEARN (to acquire knowledge of or skill in by study)

»    Participate in class activities and discussions

»    Approach each class with a clear head and open mind

PREPARE (to get ready for, to make necessary steps prior to)

»    Bring all required materials to class everyday.

» writing utensil, paper, notebook, folder, textbook, planner

»    Sit correctly in assigned seat before the bell rings