Contributing to the Profession: Content Specific Resources

These are 3 Instructional Resources that I have used as a tool in my teaching:


This webpage has been very vital in my classroom. Symbaloo is a free bookmark webpage. Each tile is a link to a webpage, all saved on one page versus having all sites saved to the toolbar. This website is a site I use on a daily basis as an educator.  I open the internet and go to my personal Symbaloo, I take attendance, open my Classroom Dojo and check my work email everyday as soon as I get into my class. The really special reason for using this site is the ease of access for my students. I make a page for the students to use. As a first grade teacher I have come across students struggling to type or spell websites correctly. The following image is the Symbaloo my students have saved as their homepage. I can update and add new links to videos or activites I want them to access for a lesson or center. They do not need to login to access this webpage. 


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ESGI Software

This website is a tool I use for assessing students. This websties allows me to montior student progress and use scores for intervention plans, RTI reports, parent letters  and report cards. This site allows for me to make my own assessments or copy those that others have made for first grade, kinder and second grade. I can always send progress reports for parents on a daily, weekly or bi-weekly basis. 

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Kahoot is a really neat online tool to use for participation. This is an online game that I utilize to get students interesrted and participating on a topic that we've learned in class. I either make a game using criteria from what we are learning in class whether it is an ELA game about a story or re-teach and practice on a topic from math. I can search games made by others and save them as my own. This game is a great tool, students can just go to the website and join the game I am hosting using a code, with no need to login. I normally have 100% participation whether students can understand the material or not. They really enjoy playing the game togther as a class as a whole.