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Mama M. Allen

Communciation Arts

Grade 7

Room 005

Communication Arts


Required materials: Pencils, Notebook (for journaling), loose-leaf paper


Greetings from Professor Allen

Hotep ACE scholars and parents! I am so excited about working with you this year. I truly believe that 2011/2012 is going to be a wonderful school year. I hold each scholar to high expectations. Have you ever heard of the saying, “no one rises to low expectations?” It’s true! Let’s work together as a team of parents and scholars so our children can reach their highest potential! I will keep you updated on upcoming units. I will also be sending home a weekly progress report that is to be signed and returned to me every Monday. You can also visit me on the web at This is where I post daily lessons and homework assignments for my parents with internet access.


Classroom Procedures:

Scholars will enter the classroom quietly and quickly take a seat. Scholars who enter the classroom inappropriately will be told to leave the classroom and walk back in correctly.


Scholars will remain seated or engaged in learning until the bell rings. A scholar is not allowed out of his or her seat without permission. When the bell rings, scholars must wait to be dismissed by the professor. Scholars will be dismissed when they show scholarly-like conduct and upon submission of an exit ticket.


If a scholar has a question that does not pertain to classroom instruction, if it is not an emergency, the scholar must wait until independent practice time.


Homework will be assigned EVERYDAY and must be placed in the scholar’s file folder on the day it is due.


All late work must be placed in the scholar’s file folder. 10% is deducted daily.


When walking to P.E., specialty classes, or other school events as a class, scholars will walk in a single file line. There will be no talking.


Classroom Rules:

  1. When responding to ANY adult, you must answer by saying, ”Yes Ma’am” or “No sir.” Just nodding your head or saying any form of yes or no is not acceptable.
  2. Stay focused. When the professor is speaking, keep your eyes on her at all times. If a fellow classmate is “standing and delivering,” turn and face that person.
  3. The only materials allowed on your desk are those materials that are necessary for the lesson of the day. All other materials must be placed underneath your desk.
  4. If you don’t have anything nice to say DON’T say anything at all.
  5. Do not smack your lips, tsk, roll your eyes, or show disrespect with gestures.
  6. When we read together in class, you must follow along. If I call on you to read, you must know exactly where we are and begin to read immediately
  7. When we are in transition from one activity to another, the change will be swift, quiet, and orderly. We should be consistently able to switch from one activity to another as quickly as possible. The opportune time to spend in transition should be less than 10 seconds, and we will look towards a goal of seven seconds.
  8. When I assign homework, there is to be no moaning or complaining. This will result in a doubled assignment.
  9. Do not speak unless:
    1. You raise your hand and I call on you
    2. I ask you a question and you are responding
    3. It’s lunch time (assuming you haven’t lost your privileges)
    4. I instruct you otherwise (for example: groupwork)


Rewards and Consequences:

Consequences for breaking the rules goes as follows: (1) Warning (2) I keep you one minute after the bell. (3) I keep you two minutes after the bell. (4) Detention slip (5) Mama Bullard

Periodically, I will reward scholars who obtain 90-100% on unit tests, demonstrate obedience to the rules for an extended period of time, or those who exhibit the principles of Nguzo saba or Maat.

Homework Reward: If every student in the class turns in their homework every day for 10 consecutive days, I will buy that class pizza for lunch. We will vote as a class on what kind of pizza we want.


Unit #1: The Writing Process

Monday, Aug 22nd

Objective: After a pre-test to assess background knowledge, tswbat receive a brief introduction of the writing process and unit terms with 85 to 100% mastery as evidenced by scholars’ notetaking and professor observation. (Principle: Nia) Dogon 1:Giri So (Word at face value)

Homework: Describe 3 things you do that requires a process.