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English III

Complete the following Webquest by research the information on the Internet and clicking on the appropriate Internet links.  You may copy and paste into Word and then print, or you may handwrite the information on the handout given to you before class.

The Crucible Webquest


Who is Arthur Miller?


1.  What is Miller’s full name?


2.  Where was he born? 


3.  In what year? 


4.  When did he die?


5.  Where did Miller attend college? 


6.  What did he study?


7.  Name another play Miller wrote besides The Crucible.


8.  Why was Miller brought before the House of Un-American Activities Committee?



9.  Whom did Miller marry soon after he appeared before the HUAC? 


10.  What do Mary Slattery, Inge Morath, and Agnes Barley have in common? 



B.  McCarthyism link

Miller wrote The Crucible in the 1950’s, when something called McCarthyism was something of a modern-day witch hunt that affected Miller directly.  Click on this link to McCarthyism and read up on it - http://www.pbs.org/wnet/americanmasters/database/mccarthyism.html


11.  Who was Joseph McCarthy?


12.  What was his public accusation?



13.   W________________ and E________________ were labeled Communist sympathizers, and this made it difficult for them to continue working.


14.   Name three artists mentioned in the article who were singled out as Communists.








C.  Characters

Who are some of the main characters in The Crucible?  Click here to find out.  (If you want to read the summary of the play, go ahead.  However, it’s not required for those who like some element of surprise).



15.  Describe the following characters:


          a. John Proctor

          b. Elizabeth Proctor

          c. Abigail Williams

          d. Mary Warren

          e.  Rev. Parris

          f.  Rev. Hale

          g. Tituba



D.  The Hammer Falls

This site makes comparisons between Arthur Miller and The Crucible. http://home2.pacific.net.sg/~tankokpieo/index.htm


16.  Click first on “The Victim and the Victimized- How McCarthyism affected Miller.” Read the excerpt from Miller’s biography.  What event prompted people to turn to the Communist party, including people Miller knew?



17. When and why did Communism begin to be seen as “a serious threat”?



Now, click on “Drawing the Lines.”  Read through the parallels made between characters in The Crucible to real people involved in the McCarthyism fiasco. 


18. Senator Joseph McCarthy is comparable to _____________________.  They are similar in terms of their shared qualities of rigidity, fanaticism, and power. 


19. McCarthy is also comparable to Reverend Samuel Parris in terms of their shared qualities of _______________, _____________________, and ___________________.


20.  Describe how Miller is similar to John Proctor.



21. Describe how Congress and the Senate are similar to Mary Warren.



22. Describe how the American public is similar to the Reverend John Hale.



23. Describe how the American intellectuals are similar to Elizabeth Proctor.

E. Salem Witch Museum website.  Click on “The Salem Witch Trials of 1692.”

Go to the Salem Witch Museum and read about the historical background of what happened,



24.  The daughter and niece of whom became sick in 1692? 


25.   19 people were ______________, one man was ________________, and seventeen others died ________________ as a result of the witch trials.


26. What four factors “created a fertile ground for fear and suspicion” in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, according to the article?






27. A “belief in the power of the accused to use their invisible shapes or spectres to torture their victims” is known as what type of evidence?