Writing Prompt on American Revolutionary Period

Copy and paste this form into Microsoft Word.  Complete the form and then print it.

Encouraging Others to Rebel

Now that we have discussed the Introduction to the Revolutionary Period, Patrick Henry’s “Speech to the Virginia Convention,” and Thomas Paine’s The Crisis No. 1, you need to respond to the following prompt:

You are one of the colonists during the Revolutionary Period. You want to join the rebel forces who want to separate from England, and you want to encourage other colonists to do the same.  Write a paragraph that would motivate a reader to leave the protection of England in order to form a new country. 

Rubric:             Topic Sentence                        ____/2 points

                        5-8 Details                               ____/15 points

                        Concluding Sentence              ____/2 points

                        Transitional Words                 ____/1 point

                                    Total Points                 ____/20 points

Write your response below: