Classroom Syllabus

Megan A. Mitchell

Wooddale High School

Room 108, ext. 61627


Introduction: Welcome to senior English! I hope that you have all had a wonderful, restful summer and are ready to go back to work! Our goal this year is simple – to ensure that ALL graduating seniors are ready to take on a challenging college curriculum without the need for remedial (supplemental) courses. I will do all I can to get you to this point, but whether or not you get there is primarily up to you. In other words, you are responsible for your learning. I will provide all the necessary tools that you may need, but like the saying goes “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink”. As the metaphor points out – I can give you what you need to pass this course and go to college, but in the end I can not exactly open up your brains and poor in the knowledge. You will have to assume the responsibility of completing all the assignments and requirements to pass and graduate. This is my expectation for all students.

Texts: As far as is known, you will receive one-two textbooks this year, English Literature 6th Course and English Language 6th Course. The latter may be an in-class set only, meaning you will not have the option of having one at all times. As far as the literature book, if we do not have an in-class set, you will be responsible for bringing it to class every day and taking it home for outside assigned readings/assignments.

Materials: We will be completing a wide array of assignments in and out of this class. You will 1) complete a bellwork assignment (usually grammar and vocabulary); 2) take notes over the readings; 3) complete daily journal entries; 4) complete an assortment of essays, literary and rhetorical analysis; 5) complete assigned readings at home with notes. With all of this, I highly recommend that you have a binder with sectioned tabs, loose leaf paper, and at least one spiral notepad/composition book. I am requiring you to bring your binder with all your notes as well as your textbook(s) to class each day, and if you are missing one or both, you will not receive full credit for the day’s work. I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to have these materials each day. Also, having a pen/pencil would be very nice…please, no brightly colored ink.

Requirements: Students in the 12th Grade will practice expository, descriptive, creative, rhetorical, and analytical writing. Essays may range from 300-500 words, to 600-800 words. Students will write in paragraphs using the basic structure of the 3.5 essay to guide them towards a thesis driven essay. Students will engage in ACT English and ACT reading practice. All 12th Grade students will complete a comprehensive research project using at least 4-6 outside sources, resulting in a 10 page paper. Students will complete all stages of the research process including proposal and thesis, annotated bibliographies, outlining, drafting, and a final draft.Focus here is on analysis. That is, understanding how parts of a text relate to the whole. Students will practice extensively with rhetorical and literary analysis.

Students will complete the following essays:

1)      Compare and Contrast

2)      Cause and Effect

3)      Rhetorical Analysis

4)      Evaluation Essay (evaluate how well the text reveals theme or the effectiveness of the argument)

5)      Literary Analysis

a.      Theme/Problem

b.      Point of View

c.       Symbol

d.      Close Reading

6)      Proposal Paper

7)      Poetry Analysis

8)      Research Paper 

Grading Policy:Each nine weeks, the grades will be divided into the categories and percentages listed below.


Senior Research Paper Components33%