Social Studies Project Topics

Do any one of the following:
PROJECT 1- Role of the government/non-government functionaries in your locality on their role in
disaster management.
Interview any 2 of the govt./non-govt functionaries in your locality on their role in disaster management.
• Senior District Magistrate
• Additional District Magistrate
• Sarpanch/MP/MLA
• Head of any NGO working in your locality-dealing in disaster management
• Police inspector, Superintendent of Police
• Civil Defence Warden/Elected representatives
• Home Guard Personnel
• NCC Commandant in school
• Deputy Commissioner of Municipality
• School Principal
Carry out a survey by enquiring from at least 20 Persons from different walks of life(such as shopkeepers,
housewives, senior citizens, college students etc.)in your locality on the hazards prevalent & preventive
measures they have taken or would like to take to reduce the impact.
Prepare a survey report highlighting the areas where awareness is needed & the local resources available
in the locality to create awareness.
PROJECT 2-Generating awareness on Disaster Management
Design a 10 minutes skit on Disaster Management. Design posters on Do's & don'ts of various hazards
prevalent in that area. Visit a slum community & enact the skit by using the posters.
PROJECT 3- Pocket guide on First-aid
Prepare a pocket guide on first aid for your school. The first-aid pocket guide should contain aid that needs
to be given for fractures, poisoning, cuts & burns, heat & cold wave & other threats that are prevalent in
that area. The content shared in the guide should be supported with adequate pictures so as to give a clear
& elaborate understanding about the topic. Choose awareness campaign strategy for either senior citizens
or illiterate people & prepare a write-up.
Following essentials are required to be fulfilled for the preparation & submission of the project.
1. Total length of the project will not be more than 15 pages.
2. The project will be hand written & credit will be given to original drawing & illustrations.
3. The project report will be presented in this order.
• Cover page
• List of contents with page numbers .
• Acknowledgements
• Project over view( purpose, aim methodology)
• Summary and conclusion
• Bibliography.