homework help

***Homework needs to be completed as assigned.  Homework is an integral piece to overall education and will always relate to classroom topics or necessary fourth grade skills and information.***

You should be spending about 40 minutes per night total on your homework.

Designate one quiet place in your house with as little disruptive noise as possible.  That means no t.v., no radio, no ipod, no wii, x-box or ds. 

Make sure you have sharpened pencils before you leave school for the day if you might not have them at home. 

Set a timer for yourself, or check the clock when you start your homework.  If it takes you longer than 40 minutes to complete all of the homework, let me know!

Homework will vary from week to week, but you will usually have a literacy packet given out on Monday and due Thursday, and math each night except Friday.  You are expected to read for fifteen to twenty minutes per night SEVEN DAYS A WEEK smiley