1?????????????W7 b4ba shu5 b*n0ng g9n m8sh9ngr0n shu5hu4.My dad told me not to talk to strangers.   2???????????????W7men h2i shu5h3o le y4o zu8 b#c# de b4nni2ng ne.We both promised each other that we would be each other’s bridesmaids. 3???????????? W7 g9ge qi4n le r0nji1 y@ d4 b# qi2n.

My brother owns people a lot of money.

 4????????????N# y- x!uxi3ng y8ng zh=ge l2i y1oxi0 w7.Don’t ever expect  to use this to blackmail me. 


    N# n2nd4o j$u y$di3n b* gu1nx!n ta ma?You don‘t even care about her a little bit?