My Classroom Grading Criteria

 My Classroom Curriculum

- The curriculum in my classroom is based on the goal that I want my students to gain the skills and strategies necessary to be more independent and to be able to work well with others. The students will have the chance to work on their academic skills by taking a math, reading, and writing class. The students will also be included in music and gym two days a week. Social skills will also be taught three days a week and students will practice through various activities to have the ability to work with others. Life skills will be two days per week and the students and I will be taking a field trip related to what we are learning in the life skills lesson that month on the last Thursday of every month.

 My Classroom Grading System

 - Since it is my goal to allow your children to have the freedom necessary to gain the skills and strategies needed to be more indendent and gain functional knowledge, my grading system is not based on letter grades. Activities and lessons in class and homework will be graded based on a checklist. The checklists will be different depending on the type of activity or assignment.

- You will all be getting report cards home every month to keep you updated on how well your child is doing in each class. If you want to see your child's grades more than once a month please feel free to call me or email me and I would be happy to show you anything or answer any of your concerns.

 +Excellent (Student has grasped the concept)
  Satisfactory (Student understands some concepts, but needs some improvement)


 Needs Improvement (Student is not understanding the concept)