Argyle Elementary School Guidance Department

Guidance Department News for the 2012-2013 School Year


Guidance will be offering the following activities to support students and their families during the school year:


Group Counseling- Guidance will be providing group counseling for selected  K-2 and 3-5 students during the school year. The first group being held for K-2 will be “How to be the BEST ME.” The purpose of this group is to explore student’s talents and characteristics that make them unique and to help them learn about their self-esteem. Students will learn how to celebrate their own as well as other’s differences. For 3-5 students, a group “Stop Bullying Now” will be held for them to develop a stance against bullying. The purpose of this group is to help students gain an understanding of what bullying is, how others feel when they have been bullied or chose to bully, and how to put a “stop” to this behavior. Each group will meet for six weeks. Other groups will occur in November-December and January-February covering “Parents on Deployment” and “My Parents Are Separated” and will be offered to all grade levels.


“Gabbing with Guidance”- On Wednesdays, guidance counselor will meet with Fifth Grade students to have lunch and talk. The purpose of this is to allow guidance the opportunity to connect with students and provide students with a chance for discuss a topic of their choice. This will begin September 5, 2012.


Guidance Group for Parents- Guidance Counselor will hold parent group sessions on October 4, 2012 and October 11, 2012. The topic covered for October 4, will be “ADHD and Behavior Modification.” This group will identify what parents could do at home and how to work along with teachers on behavior modification techniques for students diagnosed with ADHD. The topic on October 11, will be “What to do After School?” which will explore ideas on homework routines, balancing activities, spending time with family, and enjoying “down time” all before bedtime.


Individual Counseling- Parents, Teachers, Administration, or Students may request to see the guidance counselor for counseling at school. If a request is made for short-term counseling (maximum twelve weeks) counselor will notify parent and to request consent. If counseling is recommended beyond this time frame, counselor will provide family with resources in the community for continued counseling.



If you are interested in having your child participate in any of these activities, please contact Mandy Sad in Guidance at 573-2357 or at