Welcome to Mrs. Mannon's Kindergarten

Mrs. Mannon's F.R.O.G.S.

Fully Responsible Organized Growing Students

Our class theme is frogs. F.R.O.G.S. stands for Fully Responsible Organized Growing

Students. Your child will be given a F.R.O.G. bag that will need to come to school

everyday. This is the only backpack your child will need to bring to school. Inside

you child’s F.R.O.G. bag, you will find your child’s F.R.O.G. folder. This folder also

needs to be returned daily to school. This folder and bag will help your child

develop responsibility and stay organized throughout the school year. Inside your

child’s F.R.O.G. folder, you will find several items. In the front pocket, you will find the

weekly parent - teacher communication log. Please check this log daily to see how

your child’s day went and to find out important information. The zipper pouch is for

any money sent to school with your child and/or important notes sent to school. All

money should be in an envelope or baggie with your child’s name and the purpose

of the money. The back pocket of your child's folder is the reading pocket for take

home readers. Your child will have reading homework Monday through Thursday. It

is very important that you return the book to school each day so that it can be sent

home with another child.


Your child will have a Homework Folder that will be sent home each Monday. Your

child will have all week to work on the assignments in his/her folder. Homework

Folders are due back at school on Friday morning of each week.



Completed papers will be sent home on Friday afternoons in a Friday Folder. Please

look through your child’s work, please practice any skills that your child may need

to work on, sign the parent log, and return the folder on Monday.