Gifted Education Plan for Kermit Johnson Elementary 2010 - 11

KERMIT JOHNSON ELEMENTARYGIFTED EDUCATION (RLC)PROGRAM DESCRIPTION2010-2011 The following is a description of the gifted program offered to students in 3rd-5th grades: Conceptual Lens: Relationships Essential Understandings:                     Guiding Questions: 1.  Everything is related in some way.     1.  How are these items related?2.  All relationships are purposeful.        2.  In what ways are relationships purposeful?3.  Relationships are critical for survival.             3.  In what ways are relationships critical for survival?
 Units of StudyGrade 3            1. Roller Coaster Physics – Students will study Newton’s three Laws of Motion and will               gain an understanding of scientific investigations.               Culminating activity – field trip TBA Grade 4            1. U. S. Space Program – Students will study the history of our space program and will                gain an understanding of space exploration.               Culminating activity – field trip to Space Camp (February 23-25, 2011) Grade 5            1. Marine Biology – Students will study the history of Mobile Bay and Dauphin    Island and will gain an understanding of the ecosystem of a barrier island.   Culminating activity – field trip to Dauphin Island (April 13-15, 2011) Grades 3-5            1. World War II – Students will study the events of WW II and will gain an understanding                of its impact on our world.            2. Economics – Students will study the Federal Reserve System and will gain an                understanding of the economic world around them.  *Units are subject to change depending on time and student interest.  All units are intended to be completed within the RLC class time and should not require work at home.
 In addition to the above units of study, weekly activities will specifically target these areas: 
  • research skills/computer skills
  • vocabulary expansion
  • critical/creative thinking
  • problem solving
  • leadership
  • teamwork