Newletter Oct. 25, 2010 - Snow Rogers

                                           October 25, 2010

Dear Parents,    

 It’s hard to believe that we have completed the first 9-weeks of school!  Attached with this newsletter is our first quarter RLC progress report.  Please remember to sign and return them at your earliest convenience.      This year in RLC, our unit activities are designed to correlate with the standard curriculum to help enable continuous student progress in school.  These activities will focus on enhancing student learning and promoting higher-level thinking skills across the curriculum.  The students are assigned independent study contracts to monitor their progress as they complete any selected task.    During our unit study on the Archimedean Solids, the students were assigned the following activities on their first contract:·          Science – making crystals (grades 3-5)·          Art – making paper polyhedrons (grades 3-5)·          Math – a) applying Euler’s formula (F + V – 2 = E) on the paper polyhedrons; and b) formulating algebraic equations using Euler’s formula (grades 3-5)·          Writing – a) louping crystal experiments and describing them using analogies; and b) writing fiction stories on Archimedes’ lost files (grades 3-5)·          Reading – gathering facts on Archimedes’ using graphic organizers (grades 3-5)·          Challenge – a) research on careers that utilize the Archimedean Solids; b) creating posters advertising the jobs (grades 3-5); and c) creating power point presentations on Archimedean Solids found in nature (grades 4-5)     Most of the students have completed the requirements on their first contract and are currently working on the second contract activities, which are as follows:·          Art – continue making paper polyhedrons (grades 3-5)·          Math – a) applying Euler’s formula on the paper polyhedrons (grades 3-5); b) graphing the polyhedrons and calculating the area (grades 4-5)·          Writing – a) creating tri-fold charts highlighting months, birthstones, and gems; b) writing a mythological story based on legendary stories about their birthstones (grades 3-5)·          Reading – research on legendary stories about their birthstones and using graphic organizers highlighting the following topics: Who, What, Where, When, How, Why (grades 3-5)·          Challenge – a) design a topographical map on how to locate your birthstone; b) show the following details on their map: symbols, keys, and directions; c) create something out of the 5 Archimedean Solids that can be used in the future pertaining to clothing, transportation, and homes (grades 3-5)     We hope to finish all the activities on the Archimedean Solids in a couple of weeks and begin our unit on Twisting, Turning, Roller Coasting Physics.  Please start recycling those paper towel and toilet paper rolls!     Thank you for your continued support of our gifted program!