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Where Obstacles are Turned into Opportunities

The Classroom in a Nutshell aka Mr. D's Classroom Philosophy

It is my mission to provide a safe and inclusive classroom that promotes student's educational success. Part of ensuring this success, however, is embracing individuals failures as well. In my classroom, we embrace challenges, take risks, and make mistakes. In reading this you may be confused, after all, the key purpose of a classroom is promoting success. To explain, you have to understand that Michael Jordan was originally cut from his high school varsity team during his sophomore year and that Walt Disney's first animation company went bankrupt due to his poor decisions (Aronson, n.d.). However, even with these failures, they became historic successes. The reason they succeeded was that they used their failures to motivate themselves to improve and succeed. They turned obstacles into opportunities for success. To do this, I push students to try new things, to reflect on what they have learned, and provide them with positive feedback on their successes and failures. The only true mistake an individual can make within my classroom is not trying to learn from them.

What you need to know

Classroom Rules

  1. Be Respectful
  2. Be Responsible
  3. Be Safe

The list is short and simple and that is how I like it. Students are expected to follow these rules inside the classroom at all times. 

Procedures Students Will Learn in Class

  • Entering and Exiting the Classroom in a Respectful Manner
  • Breakfast Procedure
  • Lunchroom Procedure
  • The "Listening" Signal
  • Communicating in the Classroom
  • Using iPads in the Classroom
  • Using Computers in the Classroom
  • Cleanup Procedures
  • Turning in School Work
  • Group Activity Procedures
  • Voice volume
  • Classroom Jobs

Procedures are routines that will be practiced regularly in the classroom. They are similar to rules, however, they provide students with opportunities to improve and be retaught expectations. I like to use procedures in my classroom because I feel that they are more structured and help students become more responsible in the classroom. I model and practice these procedures with the students regularly, and work to ensure that every student can understand and facilitate them.

How the class will be managed

Students will be expected to come to class on time. Should they be tarty they will want to follow (School Name)'s policy for checking in and getting a tardy pass. It is important that students arrive at school on time so that they are able to participate in all activities. Students will be taught the basic rules of the classroom along with various procedures that will make the classroom more efficient and promote educational success. Each day is divided into blocks. Each morning consists of students eating lunch and then an English Language Arts (ELA) block, followed by a science block on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and a History Block on Mondays and Wednesdays. Students will be dismissed for lunch and return to take part in a technology block. (School Name) is working to be a 21st century school. To succeed in this mission, students will work with technology regularly in the classroom. We have a 35 unit iPad cart, as well as two classroom computers. Due to this students will be provided with lessons on positive digital citizenship and a DC Promise form on completion. Students will be expected to follow all district policies for digital citizenship. Failure to follow these procedures can result in students being disallowed from using technology in the classroom.  After the technology block, students will take part in the math block, specials will occur after the math block and finally, at the end of the day participate in an end of class reflection activity before dismissal. Students will be graded in accordance with the Districts Elementary Grading policy. I do not issue homework for students that is graded, students will be given opportunities to do practice forms and reflections at home and turn them in for classroom currency. Students will be provided with a feedback letter at the end of each week. It will be enclosed in their red folder and placed in their backpacks at the end of each Friday. For parent's convenience, I can also send this letter in a digital format. If you would like a digital copy sent to you, please email me. I pride myself in having open communication with parents, so if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me. For various ways to contact me please check out the Contact Me link above. Parent Teacher Conferences occur every October, however, more conferences can be scheduled if needed.

Rewards and Opportunities in the Classroom

Students are rewarded in many ways. One of the primary ways students are rewarded is with responsibilities. I find that students love having jobs in the classroom. To reward them for being responsible and helpful in the classroom, students will often be given opportunities to have a role as a leader or a facilitator in the classroom. Students will also have regular opportunities to gain school funds that they can use to get items from the school store. Students behaviors and progress will be measured via a color-coded behavior chart. The chart will help students understand their progress during the day and give them opportunities to improve their results by improving their behaviors. Students will be rewarded for maintaining a green status in class. In the case that students have a red status at the end of the day, realistic and practical consequences will be applied to them. Students may lose responsibilities, have to spend time with the teacher doing clean-up duties, or participate in a one on one discussion during recess times. Should behavior issues escalate, I will work to involve student parents to find a way to best resolve the issue and help the student succeed.



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