A Guide to Resolve ATT Email Not Working on iPhone Issue

AT&T is a well-known webmail service provider with a huge user base. Along with providing advanced features, ATT email can easily configure with any device or third-party email clients. You can set up Att.Net email account on iPhone, android, mac, or Windows. However, many iPhone users complain about ATT email not working on iPhone problems. If you are currently dealing with the same issue, here is your guide to fixing the error.

How to Resolve the Issue?

You can resolve the ATT not working error with some troubleshooting methods. However, first of all, ensure you are using the latest version of iOS. If not, update it immediately. Once done, follow the given steps to continue using your ATT email on your iPhone without any error.

Check the Internet

A proper internet connection is necessary for your AT&T email services to work on your iPhone. Thus, check the internet connection and ensure it is working fine with a strong network. One way to resolve the internet problem is by switching on the Airplane mode and then switching it back off after a few minutes.

Restart your iPhone

Restarting your device is one of the oldest tricks that still work in most cases, and you can try it too. Switch off your iPhone and wait for a while. After few minutes, restart it. Access your ATT&T email account to check if the trick worked for you.

Verify configuration settings

You are likely to run into an ATT email not working problem if there is an error in the configuration server settings. So, check and ensure if your ATT email account is configured correctly on your iPhone. Verify the SMTP, IMAP, and POP3 server settings to make sure there is no error. If the problem persists, remove your ATT email account and re-add it to your iPhone.

So, these are the best three ways to troubleshoot your AT&T email not working on the iPhone issue. However, if you experience any other issue while using your ATT email account on iPhone, you can contact AT&T customer support to get the ideal solution.