How To Fix AOL Not Receiving Emails?

AOL webmail is popular across the globe for its rapid and secure email services. It has a program of tracking spam mails, so if you receive repetitive content constantly, it filters the message before it reaches your inbox. This way, it takes care of your data safety. Despite having so many benefits, at many points, it fails to function correctly, and users have to struggle with several AOL issues such as AOL not working, AOL email login problems, but most often, they have to face issues with their incoming messages. AOL not receiving emails is one of the most common issues users have to encounter. However, this issue can be fixed if appropriately tackled. Here in this guide, we’ll enlighten you about the ways to resolve the issue, so keep on reading until the end.

Solutions to deal with the issue:

Some of the solutions to fix AOL Not Receiving Emails issues are mentioned here:

  • Check Your Filters

Email filters change the path of incoming mails. So instead of receiving emails in your inbox, you might receive your mails in some other folders. Hence, check your filter rules and make sure the email filters organize your messages and do not vanish them.

  • Delay in the Message Transits

If you’re receiving messages in your AOL account, there can be delays in the delivery of messages. The main reasons behind the issue can be heavy internet traffic, router issues., etc. In such cases, all you can do is wait for some time and let the problem resolve on its own.

  • Check Your Spam Folders

Check your spam folder and if any of the essential messages are lying there, mark them as Not Spam.

  1. Go to your AOL account.
  2. Check your Spam folder.
  3. Select the message that does not belong to Spam.
  4. Make it as Not Spam.

That’s all about how you can fix the AOL mail not receiving mail issues. Hope this guide helps you in getting your problem solved.

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