Quick Troubleshooting Steps for Yahoo Not Syncing Issue

Users often report about the Yahoo Mail Not syncing issue. There can be a number of factors that can trigger the syncing issue, depending on the device you are using. Here we will walk you through the quick steps to resolve Yahoo not syncing problem in Android and Windows 10. So, to know these troubleshooting steps, stay with us!

Steps to Resolve Yahoo Mail Not Syncing Issue on Android

If you are looking to how to fix Yahoo not syncing issue on an Android device, follow the below-given instructions. However, before following the steps, make sure you have a strong network.


  • Make sure the operating system of your Android device is updated. An outdated operating system can be responsible for syncing issues.


  • Restart your Android device and check if the issue is resolved. Restarting your device force stops the app from working in the background and may fix the syncing problem.


  • Have you enabled the sync option? Sometimes, users forget to enable the sync option, and as a result, they experience a syncing problem. Ensure you have turned on the sync option.

Steps to Resolve Yahoo Not Syncing Issue on Windows 10

For users who want to fix the Yahoo Mail not syncing error on Windows 10, below are the given steps. But first, ensure you have a stable internet connection.


  • First of all, check the Yahoo Mail server status and ensure there is no server outage issue due to which you are facing a syncing error. However, if there is an outage problem, wait till it gets fixed by itself.


  • Secondly, disable the security program as it may cause the syncing issue. After disabling the antivirus software temporarily, check if syncing error is resolved or not.


  • If none of the methods work, delete the Yahoo Mail account and re-add it. However, if you encounter Yahoo Mail login problems, reset your Yahoo Mail password and check if the sync issue is fixed.


Therefore, follow the aforementioned troubleshooting steps and fix the Yahoo not syncing problem quickly. If nothing works, contact Yahoo Mail Customer Support Service.