How do I Update QuickBooks Easily?

Updating the QuickBooks Desktop application is very beneficial as it provides better performance and security. All the latest updates will be added to the application when you update the QuickBooks application; then, you can get away with issues like QuickBooks error 3371, any bugs, or security flaws in the application. If you want to know how to update QuickBooks and grab all the latest features and capabilities, check out the instruction mentioned below.

How to Know Whether QuickBooks Desktop Application is Updated?

Simply, there are two methods available to update the QuickBooks Desktop application. The first one is the automatic update method, and another option available is the manual update method. If you haven’t set QuickBooks to automatic update, then check whether the updates are installed or not.

  1. Start by opening QuickBooks, and on your keyboard, press CTRL + 1 or F2 to get to the Product Information window.
  2. From the Product Information window, check out whether the latest version of the QuickBooks patch is released or not.
  3. You must compare the latest version of the QuickBooks patch with the previous ones.

If you haven’t updated QuickBooks, then check out the next section.

Steps for How to Update QuickBooks from Within the Application!!

Let’s check out how to update QuickBooks from within the application. Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Open QuickBooks and tap on close company/ Logoff from under the File tab.
  2. Now, tap on exit from the File tab.
  3. From Desktop, right-click on the QuickBooks icon and choose run as administrator.
  4. After the QuickBooks display No Company Open, click on the Help tab and choose update QuickBooks.
  5. Choose mark all from the options menu and tap on save.
  6. From the update now menu, tick mark on the reset update option.
  7. Tap on getting updates, and once QuickBooks displays updates now, you can exit the application.
  8. Now, open QuickBooks again and tap on yes to install updates pop-up.
  9. After installing the available updates, you can restart the system.

These are some basic steps that QuickBooks users have to perform to update the QuickBooks Desktop application within the application.

In this guide, you will get information about how to update Quickbooks and quickly fix the issue, bugs and security flaws associated with the software. Read the guide properly to check the details.

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